Hi everyone!

    I’m Wanderlei Santos, born in Rio de Janeiro, and currently living in Chicago.

    I learned computer programming by reading a fortran 74 book, and later playing with some 8-bit computers (trs-80).

    My first commercial computer at work was a CP-M machine, and I ended up programming Cobol for quite a while, later working with AT&T System V servers, AIX, AS400 and Windows servers.

    After going through Unify, Oracle, Informix, DB2 and SQL Server databases, I ended up concentrating in the Microsoft environment.

    I built many systems utilizing a tool named Genexus (check it out at http://www.genexususa.com) that generates systems for different languages/databases.

    In my consulting assignments I helped with access, vb, .net, SQL, DTS, SSIS, SSRS and even some SAP data extraction/migration projects.

    Lately I’ve been having fun with Sharepoint, which has become a hub that integrates all things Microsoft, and lets us build impressive solutions.

    In this blog I will be talking about my experiences, and technology related issues.