I have a Nokia Lumia 1020, with the charging back, and while their own wireless chargers are great, they not exactly cheap, so I went to amazon and bought a generic Qi charger for around $10 at the time.

Now, I could leave the phone flat on top of the charging plate, or up in a holder, but it was hard to fit the charger there as well.

So I decided to build my own.

At first I used some craft board, and while it worked, it still could be improved.

Then I found out our local library had a 3D makerbot printer available for patrons – best library ever!


They have 3D education programs for teens, so if you’re in their district, check it out.

Here’s my homework:

  1. Download sketchup, watch the tutorials and build a model
  2. Export it as a .stl file – requires a free extension
  3. Load it to the makerbot desktop app, which makes a couple of extra verifications
  4. Email it to the library
  5. Drive over to pick it up, and for $3.50 I had a custom built holder.

Here’s how it looked like – I printed it flat – MUCH easier on the 3D printer



WP_20150127_10_02_19_Pro 1

With the Qi charger added to it:

WP_20150127_10_25_05_Pro 1

Normal use:

WP_20150127_10_26_54_Pro 1

My project was specific for the Qi charger I had – you may want to reposition the support ‘pins’ to match whatever you have.

Now that I have an idea of cost to get these things printed, I’ll probably spend some time designing a few new toys.

Feel free to use my design as a starting point, or just to give you ideas: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:665103